Month: November 2018

Why Hire A Collections Agency / Law Firm?

When you find yourself with symptoms of an illness—sweating, shivering, pain, sapped of energy, an inability to keep down food, etc.—you wouldn’t try to solve the problem by simply taking a pain reliever and eating some chicken noodle soup, would you? Of course not. Whether it’s a medical or a financial problem that has you outside your scope of knowledge, there’s no excuse for trying to be your own doctor.

For a physical sickness, you should leave the diagnosis and treatment to a professional physician. Doctors don’t aim to just bandage or mask the pain; they are trained to solve problems at the root.

The same goes for financial situations. When you struggle to collect outstanding debts, you are putting a bandage over an issue that needs professional treatment. When accounts become overdue by 90 or 120 days, there is clearly a problem with the collections process. An experienced debt recovery agency and law firm can diagnose the problems in your collections process and offer a solution for your outstanding debt.

“We see the same situation acted out far too many times in the receivables of potential clients of ours,” says Jared Schiff, President of Point Law. “An ailing debt, which has been consistently covered up with countless letters and notices only to remain elusive for months or even years, needs professional help for a lasting solution.”

Point Law is a trusted debt recovery agency / law firm. We have professionals with decades of experience in collecting debts and we know how to collect quickly. Our collectors will use multiple tools to diagnose your problem and prescribe an effective solution—aka, put money back in your pocket.

The typical process of an in-house collections team is to send letters and notices for weeks or months with little to no progress. This is like putting a Band-Aid over a broken ankle. As a better practice, many companies will send their outstanding accounts to a debt collector. At Point Law, we can help diagnose your internal problems. Just as a physician acts as an extension of your health, we act as an extension of your company to collect your debt in a professional, firm and polite manner.

Not only is this more effective in collecting your debt, but it also requires minimal time and commitment from your resources—getting you back to financial health faster and with less inconvenience.