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Collecting debt is a full-time job, and trying to do it while also running a business can be a nightmare. At Point Law, our team has been the answer to hundreds of companies seeking a professional debt collection agency and law firm in Columbus. Our tried and proven approach to collections gets our clients the results they’re after in as little as 60-90 days. The longer your accounts go unpaid, the less likely they are to get paid, so don’t wait any longer. Contact Point Law for a quote and start recovering your money faster than ever before.

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Point Law is a full-service business (commercial & consumer), government, and healthcare debt collection agency and law firm based in Columbus, Ohio, that gets real results within 90 days. Our approach to collecting debt is simple: we treat people like people and recover in a professional, firm, and polite manner. This practice has led us to industry-leading results which have contributed to our successful liquidity rates and repeat clients. Contact us to request a quote and start recovering your outstanding receivables within 90 days.

The Law Firm Advantage

When choosing a collections group to work your accounts, there are several reasons a law firm will bring faster, better results.


Collection communications from a law firm send an immediate message to your debtors that you are serious about recovering your receivables.


Debtors often ignore non-law collection agencies because they know these agencies have no ability to take legal action or enforce the debt. And the debtor will wait… until they hear from a law firm.


As a law firm, with both our collections and legal team working together, we are able to offer a full-service debt collection solution and process that directly and significantly improves liquidity rates and speed of recovery.

Found Money

With Point Law, accounts that would normally be warehoused by other collection groups are instead reviewed by an attorney, assessed for collectability, and if appropriate, sued. The result is successful recovery on many accounts that would otherwise be considered uncollectible.


Placing accounts with us can cut months off the recovery process. Accounts that remain unpaid after 90 days can quickly be moved to our legal team for immediate action.


Debt recovery law firms like Point Law are owned and run by licensed attorneys who must abide by strict rules governing ethical and professional responsibility.

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Medical Debt Collection in Columbus

There is a staggering $140 billion of medical debt in the hands of private debt collectors, but unfortunately, most of this will never be paid. Truth be told, many of the people who owe money to medical facilities have fallen on hard times, and paying their medical bills is the last thing that’s on their minds.

When aggressive collection agencies blow up their phones demanding payment, it just pushes them farther away and minimizes the chance of recovery. Fortunately, our process takes a different approach; by working with medical debtors during their trying times, we build trust and, in turn, get better results. If your medical practice has trouble collecting receivables, give us a call and see just why we’re the number one choice for medical debt collection in Columbus.

Commercial & Consumer Debt Collection in Columbus

We offer fast and effective commercial and consumer debt collection in Columbus for a wide range of businesses. Our experienced debt recovery team has years of specialized training collecting both consumer and commercial debts. The Point Law approach gets more results than most collection agencies, and we’re ready to put it to work for you. Don’t let consumers or other businesses avoid paying any longer because with Point Law, you can expect to see results within three months.

Government Debt Collection

One of the most common debts that go unpaid is those owed to government agencies. Be it state or federal agencies, Point Law has the specialized tools and debt collectors needed to get your agency’s money back. In the past 14 years, our team’s proven debt collection methods have made us the premier choice for government debt collection in Columbus. Our compassionate and understanding approach has allowed us to collect over $20 million for our government clients, including the Department of Taxation, Department of Bureau of Workers Compensation, Department of Jobs & Family Services, and many more.

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