Your Solution to Waste Services Debt Recovery in Ohio

Managing accounts receivable in the waste management industry demands a professional touch for both residential and commercial contracts. Common challenges you may encounter in the waste service field occur when a consumer fails to pay and falls behind on monthly or semiannual payments or moves without transferring the contract or canceling. 

Point Law, the top waste service debt collection agency and law firm in Columbus, will ensure compliance with general debt collection laws to resolve past-due balances for you. With over 25 years of experience and a proven track record in debt collection, we employ customized solutions to recover every dollar owed. 

Alleviating Waste Service Industry Challenges With Specialized Experience

Understanding the waste service industry allows us to apply an individualized approach compared to general debt collection agencies. We never use a dialer, so our collectors go into each and every interaction with a fresh perspective to listen to debtors and resolve past-due accounts. Since 2018 we’ve worked with Boren Brothers Waste Services in Columbus as well as Local Waste Services in Columbus since 2022. Together we’ve successfully recovered payments to continue supporting community waste collection. 

The Point Law Approach to Waste Services Debt Collection

We consider every balance recovered for our clients to be a success story. Using our professional approach to waste services debt collection in Columbus ensures your business can keep the lights on and continue to offer services to your community. Our unique team of debt collectors and lawyers focuses on resolution by actively listening to each situation and providing realistic and logical solutions. 

Our process involves researching the debt, reviewing statements, documentation, and pertinent details about the balance owed, and searching for assets. This allows us to get an idea of the financial status of the debtor, and develop an idea of their ability to pay. Then, we reach out and attempt to make contact with the debtor. Once we establish a connection, we lead the conversation toward resolution. 

Reliable Communication for Your Waste Services Debt Collection

Point Law provides tailored communication for every waste services accounts receivable client to keep them updated on our collection progress. Before we begin our services, we initiate the debt collection process with essential documentation, such as signed contracts, invoices, responsible party details, and balances due. Then each waste services client is set up with scheduled check-ins according to their preference, whether monthly or quarterly. We meet our clients where they are, on their own time. At the beginning of every month, we forward a statement or invoice that outlines collections for the previous month through the mail or email as directed by the client.

Ohio Waste Services Debt Collection Success Stories From Point Law

We guarantee that we will put forth our best efforts daily to make a positive impact on our clients, and most recently saw success in 2023 with over $65,000 recovered for our waste removal clients. We track and set goals around measurable efforts, so we can better understand what works for our clients and their customers.

Let Point Law’s reliable waste service debt collectors help you recover past-due accounts. Contact us today to discuss your needs!