The Point Law Collection Process

Our vision at Point Law is to be Columbus Ohio’s most efficient, responsive, and results-driven collection agency and debt recovery law firm. To meet that high bar, we’re always striving to distinguish ourselves as a Columbus collection group with a difference. To us, that means a strong ethical compass, an energetic commitment to always finding the best outcome, and persistence to see a task through no matter how long it takes.

Here’s how our debt collection process stands apart from those of other Columbus collection agencies and law firms.

A Columbus collection agency that’s a law firm with a difference

1. Ease of setup and access

If you’ve worked with another commercial debt collection agency / law firm in the past, you may have found their account management process complicated and time-consuming. With Point Law’s online client portal, you can complete a hassle-free onboarding process in under 15 minutes. Managing your account will take less than an hour per month of your time.

2. Personalized support

When you commence work with us, you’ll gain access to a dedicated account representative who seeks to understand your business, your customers, and the nature of debts you’re owed.

What does that mean for your debt recovery process? It means that when you choose Point Law as your commercial & consumer debt collection agency / law firm, government collection agency / law firm or medical debt collector, you aren’t just paying someone to make your calls for you. You gain access to a tireless debt recovery advocate — someone you can trust to vigorously pursue your unpaid receivables in a professional, firm, and polite manner.

3. Customized solutions

We’re not a one-size-fits-all collection agency and law firm. Our Columbus collection agency debt retrieval law firm specialists will work to find a variety of practical solutions to your problem, including collections, management of receivables, contract enforcement, and demand letters.

You may be a small business looking for a commercial debt collection agency and law firm to collect debts from defaulting customers. Or perhaps you’re a healthcare service provider looking for medical debt collection support so that you can get on with growing your practice. Whatever your situation, we’ll work to understand your position and build on that knowledge to deliver a fast, favorable result. And, as a law firm, we can implement a legal process that expedites recovery and directly impacts your bottom line.

4. Fair and ethical practice

Point Law’s debt recovery practices are fully aligned with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Our medical debt collection services are HIPAA compliant, and our commercial debt collection and government collection agency / law firm practices are compliant with IRS 1075 and Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements.

Most importantly, as a law firm, we’re a collection agency and debt recovery law firm that believes in professional and ethical practice. Our experienced collectors are firm, but polite and compassionate. By working with a reputable debt collection agency / law firm near you you gain peace of mind that your debt is being recovered with fairness and integrity.

5. Real results in less time

As a collection agency and law firm with a team serving Columbus Ohio for over 25 years, we take pride in our long track record of delivering financially significant collection results within 90 days for our clients. You don’t pay if we don’t collect.

Areas of specialization

Our experienced team of Columbus Ohio debt collection professionals specializes in helping businesses of all sizes with their commercial and consumer debt collection, medical debt collection, and government collection.

Consumer debt collection

As a Columbus-based consumer debt collection agency / law firm, we understand the devastating impact unpaid debts can have on local small businesses. We have an excellent track record of obtaining full customer payments for our local business clients. Learn more about both our commercial and consumer debt collection process by contacting us today..

Medical debt collection

If you offer a medical service in Columbus, the growing cost of healthcare may have left your business struggling under a growing mountain of unpaid debt. Our team of experienced medical debt collectors is skilled in tracking down unpaid medical debts, typically resolving debt collection problems within 90 days. And because we’re committed to a firm but ethical approach to medical debt collection, you can rest assured your patients and former patients are treated with compassion and respect. Learn more about our debt collection for healthcare service.

Government collection

Our Point Law team has operated as a government collection agency and law firm for over two decades, providing debt collection services for the Department of Taxation, Ohio’s Bureau of Worker’s Compensation, and the Department of Jobs and Family Services. Building on our vision to operate first and foremost as an ethical collection agency / law firm, we’ve retrieved over $20 million for our community in a fair and compassionate manner. Learn more about our trusted government debt collection services.

A debt recovery process that works

Check out our testimonials to see more proof that our debt recovery process works. Point Law is better because we’re:

  • Easy and fast: Complete onboarding in under 15 minutes, manage your account in less than one hour per month.
  • Responsive: You can expect a dedicated debt collection specialist to handle your account when you sign up with Point Law. Regular client reports will keep you informed, and if you ever need to speak with us you can simply pick up the phone (and one of our specialists will answer).
  • Results-driven: Other medical debt collectors, government debt collection agencies and commercial / consumer debt collection agencies rely on sending letters for months on end with little progress. We’re not like that. We aim to deliver results quickly and reliably. By working with Point Law you get a quick and efficient turnaround for your receivables. We believe good, old-fashioned hard work is the key to results for our clients.
  • Local: We’re a local Columbus collections agency and debt recovery law firm that also serves clients throughout the midwest. We understand local business and can offer a higher quality of localized support. We also serve clients as far as California who work with us because we deliver.

Are you ready to get your money back? Contact us today.