Trusted Government Debt Collection Services

Requesting payment from citizens of your community —your city, county or state —is always a delicate situation. In the U.S., debt collection agencies have an estimated tax impact of more than $1.4 billion. This is significant in many ways, from its impact on the economy, to the day-to-day operations of the businesses with which we work. That’s why Point Law prioritizes client communications, customer service, and extensive training to ensure we are making it possible for you to get your money back quickly and easily.

The Point Law team has been collecting government debt for over 25 years and has collected in excess of $20 million dollars from debtors in the most efficient and compassionate manner possible. Let our team of experienced collectors work your claims, with the best-available tools the collections industry has to offer. 

We’re the Top Government Debt Collection Agency and Law Firm in Columbus

We’ve increased cash flow by more than $3 million annually for our government clients. Our compassionate and polite approach leads to a better outcome for you and your community. We have a proven track record in government collections. Point Law prides itself on our three industry differentiators: 


  • We collect in 60-90 days what others collect in 12-24 months. » Our client portal provides 24-7 real-time access, and you can talk to your representative on the phone. » Letters and calls are made within 24 hours of placement. 


  • Point Law has a streamlined placement process and is in compliance with IRS 1075. We have an FDCPA practice in place to ensure we treat all debtors fairly, with respect and dignity. 


  • Our team has experience collecting for the Department of Taxation, Department of Bureau of Workers Compensation, Department of Jobs & Family Services and many other State agencies. 

Point Law boasts a proven track record of successful collections. We’re here to help you with your government collections, too! Contact us today for more information or to start a collections case. 

Why Trust Point Law as Your Government Debt Collection Service?

Point Law is a zero-complaint company with no sanctions, fines, or suits on its record. We hold ourselves to high standards to meet yours. That’s why every member of our team is extensively trained in debt collection techniques, and we are committed to getting your money back with ease and compassion for the debtors.


  • Our Point Law team’s government liquidation rates have exceeded 68%. » We have collected in excess of $20 million.
  • If we don’t collect, you don’t pay. At Point Law, our mission is to be the most efficient and transparent debt collection agency / law firm while conducting the process in a professional, firm and polite manner. 
  • You focus on serving your community, while we turn our attention to recovering your balances as quickly as possible. 
  • With our custom-tailored recovery process, our team outranks our competition year after year.

If you are struggling to collect government funds from debtors and are unsure of where to turn, contact us for more information today. Our proven track record and experienced team will help you collect the funds you are entitled to quickly and efficiently!