Are You Attempting to Collect from Patients Who Avoid Paying Their Remaining Balances in Full? We Can Help!

In the United States, the cost of healthcare has been rising at unprecedented rates. Considering the exponential growth in healthcare costs – and healthcare debt – the ability to track down and collect from those who haven’t paid has become even more important.

If you run a healthcare practice and you are struggling with collecting receivables from clients who owe you for services, call Point Law today. No matter the amount of the debt, we are committed to making the process smooth and painless for both you and the debtor. Getting your money back is our top priority!

A Debt Collection Company Within a Law Firm That Gets Results

Point Law is a full-service business (commercial & consumer), government, and healthcare debt collection agency / law firm based in Columbus, OH. We have been helping business owners in the Central Ohio area and beyond get real results with their debt collection issues within 90 days. Our approach is simple: we treat people like people. We approach debt collection with care, professionalism, and a firm but compassionate outlook.

For those in the healthcare industry struggling with collecting receivables from patients or former patients, Point Law offers specialized help for Healthcare debt collection. We are able to collect in 60-90 days what other collection agencies strive to collect in 12-24 months. That’s a big difference in your bottom line.

Efficient. Responsive. Proven Results.

Point Law utilizes a proven method of debt collection that is caring, compassionate, firm, and effective. We are fully insured, and our experienced collectors provide quality results to every one of our clients – no matter the size of your receivables. 

We strive to be efficient and responsive, providing fast onboarding and a quick turnaround with results. Our advanced client support also offers high-quality connection, and we ensure that none of our clients are ever feeling confused or unsure about where they stand with their healthcare debt collection process.

Let Point Law Cut Through the Runaround and Collect Your Outstanding Receivables

If you’re ready to get your money back, we are here to help. Point Law has a proven track record of assisting healthcare practices with collecting debts from their patients quickly and easily.

Contact us today to start the process. Our specialists are standing by to assist you with selecting the right choice from our services to ensure that you receive your complete payments within 60-90 days.